BAE British Aerospace turns to Fortex for a solution to apply Photoresist to larger silicon wafers

Fortex was pleased to be approached by the Military Air and Information unit (MAI) of BAE British Aerospace for a solution to apply Photoresist to its larger wafers.

Tanya Ferris Research Engineer  at the BAE Advanced technology centre commented “BAE systems has used spin coating as its primary method of applying Photo resist to its wafers for manufacture of a range of MEMS Sensors, actuators and display devices. However the large topography on some device structures means that spin coat resist is not always the best solution. BAE Systems has selected the Fortex Model 305 Dry Film Roll Laminating machine as an alternative method of applying the resist to silicon wafers as the technique is very effective at tenting over holes and areas of high topography on the wafer. BAE Systems has established process conditions where silicon wafers can be processed through the laminator originally designed for PCB substrates.”