Rotary Technology Selects Fortex for the Supply of a complete Line of Chemical Etching Equipment

Rotary Technolgies International of Guanghzou, China awarded Fortex with the contract to supply a complete line of Chemical Etching Equipment for their factory specialising in the high tech manufacturing of flexible rotary plates for the printing industry.  The contract which has a value in excess of 450,000USD involves the supply of Chemical Conveyorised Etching Machines, Dosing Machines, Stripping Machines and Large scale Exposure units, as well as the design and supply of a bespoke waste water filtration and treatment facilities.  Complete Installation, commissioning and training services were also given by Fortex in the Chinese Factory.

Managing director Mr Bill Shen of Rotary Technologies International commented “Fortex UK has successfully completed installation of has successfully completed installation of chemical etching facilities in our Guangzhou factory.   In addition to the value of USD450,000+ worth of equipment, we appreciate their in-house professional training during installation, and also prompt after sales service”

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