Stub Scoring Tool (Universal Cutter Tool)


Cutter tool for creating isolation channels 0.25mm tool.

Available Options:

Cutter Tool for creating isolation channels 0.25mm tool.

  • Optimized for trace isolation and copper rubout on printed circuit boards as well as fabrication and marking of jewellery and also Engraving of plaques, awards, medallions, and labels
  • taper angle minimizes cut width variation due to poor substrate flatness
  • Spiral geometry insures efficient debris removal
  • Cutting edge geometry virtually eliminates chatter at high feed rates

Overall length 36mm 1/8″ Shank

Rings for these tools are available in 10 colours as well as black and white.  Rings can be fitted to the tools for you using a non contact (laser controlled) automatic ring setting machine. Using this machine helps to minimise the potential of damage to the cutting surfaces of the tools which can occur with manual contact type ring setting devices.

In order for us to fit rings we will need to know the depth setting required (measurement from the tip of the tool (cutting end) to the back of the ring (the side of the ring that will be against the machine collet)). Please confirm the ring depth setting when placing your order if required.  Tool rings are suitable for automatic tool change systems like Bungard and LPKF “S” series machines, such as ProtoMat S62, ProtoMat 95s and LPKF 101 Hi-P Automill systems.


0.25mm, Ring