Metal Shear Guillotine 203mm 8 Inch 700-400 (DM9000)


High quality low cost Bench Top Shears which can accurately cut FR4, precious metals such as Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Gold  copper sheet,  PCB laminates up to 1/8″ Thick (3.175mm), brass and aluminium sheet etc up to 1.5 mm thick with Plastics up to 2.00 mm thick.  These shears are very popular with Sign Makers, Sublimation, Jewellery Makers, Metal Etchers and Trophy Centres as well as Electronic PCB  manufacturers.

Available Options:

A hand operated Powerful Bench top sheet metal Guillotine Shear (Part 700-400) which has being developed to accurately cut PCB laminate up to 1/8″ Thick (3.175mm), sheet Aluminium up to 1.5 mm thick,  precious metals such as sheet silver, gold, Palladium, Platinum and Plastics up to 2.00 mm thick. These shears are manufactured with maximum safety in mind which make the units ideal for schools and colleges.  The shear cutter are also very popular with Sublimation, Sign Makers, Jewellery Makers and Trophy Centres alike

The lower and upper blades are constructed from Hardened and Ground Sheffield Tool Steel, and are adjustable.  The top blade is enclosed by a clear plastic wrap around PETG safety guard thus preventing access to the cutting area and in addition a safety latch is fitted to prevent operation without it first being released. The shears are ruggedly constructed from an all steel frame .  The cutting bed is of a robust steel construction finished in a epoxy stove enamel.

For positional measuring accuracy the cutting bed of the PCB shear is fitted with a dual scale ruler plate that has a recess to assist in securing the Laminate or sheet material during cutting.  The 8 Inch Shear has a cutting capacity of 203 mm (8″), with a cutting bed 110 mm (4.44″) width, although wider material can be cut.  Replacement sets of shear blades are available separately.

Blade Cutting capacity  8 “(203 mm)
Unit size (Handle Raised)  13.19 ” W x 5.51″ L x 20.25″ H
(33.5 cm W x 14.0 cm L x 51.4 cm H)
Weight 6 Kg (13.22 lb)
Shipping Dimensions 51 cm x 18.5 cm x 24.5cm



Product Type

Shear, Blades