Multilayer Press RMP210

High performance multilayer PCB press designed to allow PCB labs and small series producers to rapidly prototype multi layer PCBs according to industry standards.  The number of circuit board layers is only limited by the maximum lift of the press compartment.

This High performance multilayer MLB   press designed to allow PCB  to rapidly prototype multi layer PCBs according to industry standards.

The need for MLBs multilayer printed circuit board is rapidly growing as the solution to interconnection problems associated with the increased use of high-density packaging such as BGA Microchips and the creation of ever smaller more complex micro electronic circuit boards.  Multi layer MLB PCB boards are used to:

  • reduce weight
  • conserve space in interconnecting circuit modules
  • eliminate costly and complicated wiring harnesses
  • provide shielding for a large number of conductors
  • provide uniformity in conductor impedance for high-speed switching systems
  • allow greater wiring density on boards
  • Create Blind vias, buried vias and through hole vias to interconnect between layers can be created allowing vastly increased complexity of circuits to be created on a much smaller board area size

With this PCB multilayer Board Press the number of circuit board layers that can be created is only limited by the maximum lift of the press compartment.  The height available in the press compartment is 40mm using standard press plates and seperating the standard 1.5mm layers with 1.5mm multi layer press sheets allows a 7 layer printed circuit board to be produced.

A compact and floor standing aluminium rack contains all parts of the Multi layer PCB Press unit including pressure supply, press plates and heaters. The large loading door that allows quick and easy access to the pressure system is of course security switch interlock protected.

A compressor, which is integral part of RMP series of PCB presses is stored in the back of the machine. In the front, you will find additional storage room for tools or boards (lower door). the unit is controlled by two digital and adjustable thermostats, one digital timer as well as a pressure valve with pressure meter. Two powerful air ventilators activated automatically during cooling cycle.


Steps of multilayer PCB production with the RMP 120:

  • Boards are pinned and stack is inserted into press plates
  • Pressure is created (The Pressure is completely adjustable to suit the type of boards being processed)
  • Heater is activated
  • Heating up procedure
  • Press procedure at preset temperature
  • Cooling down under pressure
  • Multilayer MLB PCB stack is taken out of the machine
  • Optional vacuum feature, that is in addition to the multilayer process which optimises resin flow and prevents the formation of enclosed air chambers.  Vacuum is created before the pressing process and the vacuum unit is seperated from the press plates during the pressing process.   The seal in the press plates maintains the vacuum during the pressing process.  After the pressing process the vacuum is vented.

The sequence will take all in total approximately. 3 hours. Gross size of the PCBs is 250 x 350 mm which will result in MLB PCB net size of 210 x 300 mm.

A full range of supporting consumables including a starter kit containing pre pregs, FR4 laminates, press sheets etc and Processing Chemistry are also available.   For PTH through hole plating (Part of the process of creating multilayer PCBs) please see our range of PTH through hole plating lines

MLB Board size:  250 x 350mm gross  Pressure:  > 12 tons working
 Temperature: Adjustable to 175 °C max  Heating up: about 30 min.
 Pressure time: about 60 min.  Weight: 130 kg net
 Cooling down: about 120 min.  Machine size
(W x D x H):
65 cm x 65 cm x 130 cm
 Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz, 16 A
 Warranty: 1 Year