PR605 Conveyorised Process Rinse Module 605

Conveyorised Process Rinse Module 605

Chemical Processors

  • Modular construction
  • Full safety features
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Inline filtration

Process Applications

  • Pumped water rinse & mains water rinse
  • Anti pollution rinse
  • Designed to run with main processor
  • Processing materials from 6mm
    down to 0.1mm
  • P.C.B. width 610mm (24″)


General Specification
PRM 605
Description Power rinse
Model 650mm rinse chamber
Spray bars – top 2 powered + 1 mains water
Spray bars – bottom 2 powered + 1 mains water
Nozzle type Poly V-jet
Nozzles per tube 7 + 8
Re-circulating pump 1 x 0.5kW magnetic drive centrifugal pump
Conveyor drive Normally run from main processor
Speed range 0-2 metres/minute
Speed direction Optional
Sump capacity 68 litres (88 gal) max
Construction materials P.V.C.,Titanium, Hyperlon, PE1000, Vinylester, H.M.P., P.V.D.F.
Lids Glass inner and outer with P.V.C. seals
Covers P.V.C.
Safety switches Reed magnetic on outer lids and rear cover
Dimensions Height 1170mm (46in)
Width 1220mm (48in)
Length 925mm (36in)