Blower Dryer Conveyorised Process Module PB455

Process Blower Module 455 (Hot air dryer)

Blower Dryer Module

  • Modular construction
  • Low noise turbine
  • Full safety features
  • 3kW heat exchanger
  • Motor driven conveyor system
  • Full safety features
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Four hot air knives
  • Internal thermostatically  controlled heat controller
  • Low voltage control circuit

Process Applications

  • Drying of Chemically processed PCBs and Chemically Etched Metal Panels
  • Drying materials from 6mm down to 0.1mm
  • P.C.B. width 610mm (24″)


General Specification
BM 455
Description Blower dryer Module
Model 455mm drying chamber
Spray bars – top 2 powered + 1 mains water (Option when machine is used in a process line)
Air knives – top 2 (heated)
Air knives – bottom 2 (heated)
Blower unit Low noise turbine, 3ph
Rollers 4 inlet lithovel sleeved
Conveyor drive Worm and wheel
Conveyor drive motor Variable speed d.c. shunt wound motor
Speed range 0-2 metres/minute
Speed direction Optional
Temperature range Ambient to 50°C ± 1°C
Controller Analogue on/off controller, PT100 Platinum resistance thermometer probe
Construction materials P.V.C.,Titanium, Hyperlon, PE1000, Vinylester, H.M.P., P.V.D.F.s
Lids P.V.C. outer with P.V.C. seals
Covers P.V.C.
Safety switches Reed magnetic on outer lids and rear cover
Dimensions Height 1170mm (46in)
Width 1220mm (48in)
Length 775mm (30in)