Dry Film Roll Laminator Model 305


Dry Film Laminator Model 305 is a production grade laminating unit for the double and single sided lamination all types of polymer dry film photo resists to the clean surface of a wide range of substrates including Foils, Brass, Steel, FR4 etc for Printed Circuit board production, Biotech and metal chemical etching applications including the production of wafers (Ceramic Glass and Sapphire etc) as well as specialist applications including assisting the production of Micro fluidic MEMs devices.

Dry Film Laminator Model 305 is a production grade laminating machine and has being engineered for the simultaneous  Double or single sided  lamination (With the aid of a low cost sacrifical roll) of all types and thicknesses of commercially available Photo polymer dry film photo resists to the clean surfaces of a large range of substrate materials foils that are used in Photo chemical processes  including PCB copper laminates, flexible laminates, Flexible heaters, Wafer Masking (Including Microfluidic LOC Lab on a chip devices and various MEMS devices applications) SMT Stencil materials, Etching of stainless steel, Brass, glass, Silver etc.  The GX12 Dry Film roll Laminators are widely used in both small and large industrial plants as well as for research and development facilities and Colleges and Universities.

The Dry film Photo resist laminator uses accurate none contact Infra-red temperature sensors to accurately measure the roller temperatures.  The heat rollers use infrared heater technology and they have adjustable feed speed to simultaneously  laminate both sides of the substrate material with dry film or solder mask resist as well as automatically removing the Polyethylene separator sheet on to take off rollers.  As the pressure control of the rollers is independently adjustable of the laminating speed, temperature and tension Dry Film solder mask (DFSM) application is also possible.

This is a popular machine for many Photolithiography applications including the production of wafers including MEMs (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) devices for biomedical applications and SMT Stencil’s.

  • 4 Exclusive pre-set temperature and speed setting programs can be used for a variety of applications just by pressing a button on the digital display panel.
  • Capable of simultaneous double sided or single sided laminating (with sacrifical roll) with take off rolls automatically removing the polyolefin release liner
  • Clean room class compatible
  • Warm-up time only 10 minutes due to the Infrared heater design which gives uniform heat distribution across the dual Fusion heat rollers as well as improved temperature control.
  • Replaceable internal  infrared roller heaters
  • Heavy duty motor with regenerative motor drive featuring hardened steel roller /sprocket drive train
  • Accurate digital readout back lit display of roller temperature and speed allow the operator to easily adjust settings
  • Transparent roller cover with magnetic latch and safety interlock for easy removal and safety
  •  Non contact Accurate real-time Temperature read out from  an infrared sensor which also provides real time feedback to the micro controller
  • Adjustable override controls for both temperature and speed to compensate for variations in material or conditions.
  • Adjustable fence on feed table to facilitate easy feed of material
  • Loading and Unloading safety clutch to facilitate Easy fast mounting of dry film photo resist rolls
  • Independent top and bottom Adjustable film tension clutch controls
  • Separate dual pull rollers for ease of transport of laminates with no creasing of film
  • Detachable transport table for ease of access
  • One touch Reverse function to allow easy cleaning of rollers and for Panel alignment
  • Ready and Wait visual and audible signals alert operator to laminator readiness thus reduces errors.
  • Dual Heater roller and dual pressure roller construction in high grade Silicon rubber (Shore hardness 60) allows precision balanced roller pressure across the full width of the panel, with adjustable Incremental roller gap adjustment ensuring correct pressure for laminating panels and flexible substrates from 0.1mm up to 5 mm thick.
  • Dry Film Laminator starter kit available


Laminator Specification

Dry Film Roll Laminator 305 Model

Maximum working width

Minimum Material Thickness

Maximum Material Thickness

Maximum Material Length

Lamination Pressure Adjustment


310 mm( 12.25″ )

0.1 mm (0.003″)

5.00mm (3/16″)


6 steps


Temperature range



Cooling System

Internal Film core size

Max Outside diameter of Film roll


0 – 130 °C (0 – 266°F)



AC Fan

76 mm (3″) Compatible with most commercially available Dry Film Cores (6″) core special build machine available by request)

156mm (6 1/8″)  This more than enough for standard 150m (500ft) length Dry Film Rolls.  Larger diameters are possible with a special build machine

Lamination speed 0 – 1.6 m/min (0 – 5fpm) variable in 10 stages
Power Requirements 220/240 Volt 50 Hz Single phase 6 Amp (1800 Watts)

(60 Hz by request)

Machine Dimensions

Shipping Dimensions

Width 600 mm (23.6″) x Depth 580 mm (22.8″) x Height 510 mm (20.0″)

Width 740 mm (29.1″) x Depth 700 mm (27.5″) x Height 600 mm (23.6″)

Shipping weight 35 Kg (78 lb)