PA110-104/PA110-204 Heated Bubble Etch tank


  • Slim acrylic glass tank
  • Diaphragm pump and air curtain tube for providing tiny air bubble
  • 150W  glass heater, continuous adjustment of temperature, temperature range +36°C to +45°C
  • Adjustable PCB holder for mounting circuit boards of various size
  • Glass thermometer to display temperature of liquid
  • Only suitable for use with Fine Etch Crytals (Sodium Persulphate) cannot be used with Ferric Chloride
  • Maximum Circuit board or panel size PA104 (235mm x 170mm) PA204 (235mm x 330mm
  • Plastic trip tray

Available Options:


A range of bubble Etch tanks designed to be used in laboratory and small batch production for producing printed circuit boards as well as for etching metal foils used in model making.
Special feature of the device is the tank manufactured from acrylic glass. Thereby the etching process can be observed at any time.

During the etching process, tiny air bubbles will be fed into the etching fluid. This is a diaphragm pump and an aeration frame with air curtain tube in the bottom of the device is used.

The etching tanks include an adjustable glass heater for heating up the etching solution up to 45°C.  There is an adjustable PCB-holder for carrying the printed circuit boards during etching and a thermometer.

PA104 Shipping Dimensions 46cm x 62cm x 20cm

Tank Model

PA104, PA204