Fortex CCD CNC ATC Drilling and Isolation Routing Machine Centre

The CCD/ATC is the same specification as the  standard CCD but with Automatic Tool Change version.

The CCD/ATC is the same specification as the  standard CCD but with Automatic Tool Change version. The maximum working area is approximately 324 X 495 mm, an xl version of this machine is available with a maximum working area of 500mm x 600mm). These high speed, accurate CNC ROuter Drilling machines will drill PCBs, manufacture isolation routed prototype boards, and engrave a whole range of substrates including aluminium.

For PCBs the machine will accept the drilling files created by most CAD software packages and will drill several boards in a stack. As with the CCD2 it is also possible to produce prototype PCBs without the use of etching chemicals, the method of production known as isolation routing. The software IsoCam or IsoCam Pro uses the data from the GERBER files to generate the corresponding outline shape.

The whole operation can be performed ‘real time’ in Windows. The high speed and precision of these machines, together with a range of specifically designed sophisticated features (e.g. mechanical depth limitation) make this method of production highly accurate and efficient.

Special Features :

  • Machine bed with universal fixture system, suitable for span fixing, clamp fixing, reference pin system, stack processing possible.  Optional vauum fixation.
  • KaVo high speed spindle motor, 150 Watt, including 1 / 8″ (3.175 mm) chuck
  • Software controlled spindle speed up to 3,000- 63000 rpm
  • Heavy duty stepper motor on Z-axis for true milling capability and correct tool speed
  • Standard travel area: 325 x 495 x 30 mm 3 (max. available 500 x 600 x 45 mm 3 )
  • Fully automatic tool change (ATC). Air compressor required.
  • Smallest drill diameter: 0.1 mm
  • Integral depth limiting device for (isolation) milling and engraving on uneven surfaces
  • Stand alone control unit (19″ rack) connects to all standard PC’s with 1 free serial port
  • Driver software for Excellon, Sieb&Meyer or HP/GL data.
  • All machine parameters software controlled and configurable
  • Route pro 3000 software interface package included
  • Spindle speed 3,000-63,000rpm
  • Stepper Motor Torque Selectable
  • 32 Bit Controller with internal memory job processing
  • Aluminium table
  • Video and Screen Attachment (optional) available for inspection and digitising (with Teach software).
  • Paste Dispenser (optional) available for solder paste and other dispensing applications.
  • Enclosure (optional). A floor standing enclosure with storage facility and lockable wheels.
  • IsoCam (optional) Isolation Routing software. A sophisticated software package which along with its many editing facilities enables Gerber files to be manipulated to a suitable format for ‘Isolation Routing’. A Windows Black Box should be purchased with this software.
  • Mechanical Step definition: 3.175um
  • Software resolution 0.01um
  • Optional Acoustic Dust Enclosure available
  • Optional LDI Laser Direct Imaging Module Available
  • Optional Digital Microscope Available
  • Optional USB Camera Module Available
  • Maximum speed per axis: 150 mm/s (=9 m/min) Drill speed: 5 hits/s (=18000 holes per hour)
  • Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, approx. 250 VA.
  • Required desktop size: approx. 120 x 80 cm 2 Weight: approx. 35 kg