Dry Film Photo Resist


Negative Working 40 Micron Thick  Laminating Dry Film Photo resist suitable for Printed Circuit Board production and Chemical Metal Etching Milling applications.  The standard listed Dry Film is suitable for Ferrous (Steel etc) and none Ferrous types (ie Copper, Brass etc). However if deeper etching of Ferrous metals is required over 0.4mm please order the Ferrous version.

This Dry film is of the same type as supplied in the past by Mega Electronics Limited


Available Options:

Dry Film Photoresist

The fortex range of aqueous processible Dry film Photo resists have being designed to be Laminated, Exposed then developed and stripped using the Fortex Developer and Stripper Solutions or other mainstream chemistry.   The Laminating Dry film Photoresist comprises of three layers a cover sheet, photopolymer Photo resist and Polyolefin seperator sheet.

This range of Dry Film Photo resists after laminating can be exposed with LDI or standard UV Exposure units/Lamps.  The fortex Dry film offers superior performance and resistance to Leaching in the all of the most commonly used processes in Chemical Metal Etching/Milling and Printed circuit board PCB manufacturing. This range of Dry Film Photo resists are highly resistant to all acid chemical etching processes.

These Dry Film Photoresists are available in a range of different custom widths by reqest.  As well as different length roll sizes or as Packs of sheets for use with the Fortex range of Dry Film Laminator or any industry standard Dry Film Laminators.  All rolls of Dry film resist are supplied on 3″ (75mm) cores as standard but alternative core sizes can be supplied by request.

The Fortex Dry Film Photo resist is extremely flexible offering reliable tenting, even over large tooling holes. The Dry Film Photo resist has a market leading adhesion and resolution definition properties producing very high yields on fine line technologies.  Other thicknesses are available by request.

Fortex Dry Film 40um Parameter 8 Solid Step of Stoufer Step Wedge SST21

We recommend using standard UV lamps or laser source with an emission peak of 360-380nm for exposure.

Energy                                                  30-35mJ/cm2

Film Emulsion Thickness              40um (1.6mils) Other thicknesses available by request

Developing time                                26 seconds

If  deeper etching of over 0.4mm of Ferrous metals such as Stainless Steel please order the special version of Dry Film Photoresist as listed.

All supporting chemistry such as Cleaner, Developer and Stripper are also available to purchase online.  All processing of the Dry film should be carried out in UV Yellow safe light conditions.

Fortex can also supply a range of permanent dry films and supporting chemistry for Specialist MEMS applications (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), Sealing application and Biochips.  These solvent type permanent films are commonly used for the production Micro fluidic devices.  These films are designed for excellent adhesion to Glass, Mylar, Silicon and Kapton   Please contact us for full details.


40 Micron 12" 305mm Width 1m Roll, 40 micron 12” 305mm Width x 30m Two Rolls Per Pack, 40 micron 12” 305mm Width x 150m Two Rolls Per Pack, 40 micron 18” 457mm Width x 150m Two Rolls Per Pack, 40 micron 600mm Width x 150m Two Rolls Per Pack, 75 micron 305mm Width x 5m Two Rolls Per Pack, 75 micron 305mm Width x 25m Two Rolls Per Pack, 40 micron 305mm Width x 30m Two Rolls Per Pack Ferrous, 50g Developer Powder, 1L Developer Solution