Brush Cleaning Machine 600mm 24″ Model RBM600

Double or Single Sided Brush cleaning processor for surface preparation and finishing of Metal Panels and sheets.   Processes this Panel Brushing machine can be used for include but are not limited to Panel Scrubbing, Deburring and finishing prior to Dry Film Lamination.   This Brushing machine also features optional doubled sided oscillation and Drying.  This is a very popular Brushing machine widely used in the Chemical Etching and PCB processing industries.

The Brushing machine is often used for deburring and cleaning sharp edges, hole edges and irregular paramenters from sheet metal components without damaging the metal sheet.

The Brush Cleaning machine has been designed and manufactured to provide a compact and corrosion free, single or double sided brushing facility with an option of brush oscillation and or dryer facility.

The Metal Panel’s or PCBs are cleaned by mildly abrasive brushes which rotate at 2200 r.p.m. and (if oscillation is fitted) oscillate at 100 strokes per minute. Brushes are fully adjustable to compensate for wear and varying board thickness (maximum board thickness 6.5mm). Brush adjustment is achieved by turning the large handwheel on the front panel. Visual indication of brush pressure is provided on the machine control fascia panel. The brushes are mounted on accurately machined and finely balanced shafts and are supported by substantially and generously sized self aligning bearings. To minimise the possibility of premature bearing failure, the bearings are double sealed to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust and are mounted within a water cooled aluminium block to prevent overheating. Grease nipples are provided for periodic greasing although this is not normally necessary.

When fitted, the oscillation of the brushes is achieved by mounting the complete brush bearing assembly onto a fixed aluminium plate which is fitted with rigid guide pins accurately aligned to corresponding brushes within the brush bearing assembly

Conveyor drive through the machine is produced from a single variable speed, d.c. shunt wound motor which will produce a fully adjustable linear conveyor speed within 0-2 metres per minute. Drive is transmitted from the main shaft to the individual rollers by worm and wormwheel gearing. This gives a positive and durable drive system which requires minimal maintenance.

All Brushing machine control switches and the brush pressure current indicators are mounted on the front fascia panel and are clearly defined. The electrical control equipment is housed within a sealed cabinet mounted within the machine base frame. Access to this cabinet is achieved by removing the lower front panel. To prevent unauthorised access, a special key is required which is supplied with the machine.

When fitted, panel drying is achieved by directing heated air at high pressure and velocity through a series of blower knives onto the upper and lower surfaces of the Panels. After this, the Panels emerge from the machine clean and dry and prepared for any subsequent processing.

  • For use with medium to high volume production often used for surface preparation prior to Dry Film Lamination during the production of PCBs and Chemically Etched Metal Parts.   The Brushing machine is used for cleaning, deburring sharp edges, hole edges and irregular parameters from sheet metal without damaging the metal sheet.   Popular materials include stainless steel sheet, FR4 Copper Laminate and copper.
  • Optional dryer facility.
  • 600 mm ( 24″ ) Capacity Double sided brushing.  Wider custom built machines available by special request.
  • Optional Inlet and Exit Conveyors for ease of handling Processed Panels available in standard lengths of 300mm, 450mm and 610mm
  • Optional single sided brushing or double sided brushing
  • Dressing Pad supplied for dressing the brushes as part of standard scope of supply that is simply passed through the machine to Dress the Brushes as they wear.
  • Cleans and dries panels down to 0.1 mm ( 0.004″) thickness
  • 25.4mm Bore Brush VBR100 100mm Diameter 610mm Long Hibass
  • Water cooled, sealed, long life bearings with wash as standard
  • Popular completment to the Fortex range of Chemical Spray Etching Machines
  • Ammeter type pressure readout
  • Brushing Machine can be manufactured with or without oscillation
General Specification
Description Brush cleaning processor for surface preparation
Model RBM600 Free standing Module with optional Input/output conveyor
Brush Type 2 – abrasive with 3mm travel oscillation
Water Spray bars – top 2 ( 1 with nozzle, 1 plain drilled )
Water Spray bars – bottom 2 ( 1 with nozzle, 1 plain drilled )
Nozzle type Poly v-jet
Nozzles per tube 8
Pressure indication Brush pressure current metres
Pressure control Twin wheels
Conveyor drive Worm and wheel
Conveyor drive motor Variable speed d.c. shunt wound motor
Oscillation Motor 97 rpm 3 phase induction
Brush Motor 1.1 Kw 2800 rpm 3 phase induction
Brush speed 2000 rpm driven via self adjusting `V’ belts and water cooled bearings
Speed range Adjustable from 0-2 metres/minute
Speed direction Optional
Heater 1 x 3kW
Operating temperature 50 °C
Voltage Three Phase 380/415 volts with neutral 20 amps supply
Dimensions/Weight Height 1180 mm (46.5 “)
Width 1250 mm (50 “)
Length 1070 mm (42 “)

Weight 500Kg

Conveyor Height 883 mm ( 35 “) Customisable height available on request
Dimensions 118 × 125 × 107 cm