CP300DS Spray Etching Machine 300mm

A range of high quality Industry proven Bench Top conveyorised double sided spray Etching modules manufactured in the UK.

High quality Spray Etching machine that is Industry proven.  The Cp300DS Bench Top conveyorised double sided spray Etching range are manufactured in the UK.  These Spray Etching units are designed to work with a range of current industry standard chemistry for the double sided developing, stripping or etching of various materials and substrates to 300mm width and up to 6mm thick.  Example Materials that can be processed and Etched include but are not limited to, PCB Laminates, Brass, Stainless steel, Titanium, Copper, Aluminium, Silver and Steel.

The Bench Top Spray Etcher modules are used in a wide variety of applications including the production of Signs, Nameplates, GOBO’s, printed circuit boards, decorative etching, stainless steel stencils, flexible cutting dies, embossing tools and for Chemical Milling.    These Spray Etching machines are used around the world by leading companies for small scale production runs, research and development and by various Educational establishments including colleges and universities.

Safety and longevity were a primary consideration during the design and development of these Spray processing  machines which feature Glass top lids to ensure no leakages occur and all front panel controls use low voltage switching.  All heating elements are high quality Titanium sheathed units for long life.

These Spray Processing machines offer the ultimate in efficiency for the production and manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB s), Chemically Etched Metal Parts/signs, or Chemically Milled Metal Parts.  The motorised conveyor takes the material through the process chamber and a separate wash rinse chamber so that completely clean panels exit from the machine.

Optional accessories for the Etching machine include a stand, link inspection modules, catch trays and solenoid operated cooling coils.

Chemical Etchers

  • Modular construction
  • Optional larger input/output conveyors
  • Inspection module for joining conveyors to form process line
  • Variable spray pressure
  • Full safety features
  • Digital temperature control
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Double filtration of chemistry
  • Low voltage control circuit

Process Applications

  • Etching
  • Dry film developing
  • Dry film stripping
  • Processing materials from 0.1mm to 6mm thick (Optional thickness to 12mm)
  • P.C.B. width 300 mm ( 12” )
  • Washing of populated boards after processing


General Specification
Model CP300DS
Description Chemical spray processor including mains water rinse
Model Bench or Stand Module
460mm process chamber
295mm mains water rinse chamber
Spray bars top 4 process chamber, 1 rinse chamber
bottom 4 process chamber, 1 rinse chamber
Nozzle type Poly v-jet
Nozzles per tube 3 + 4
Pressure indication Optional extra
Pressure control Adjustability over full operating range
Re-circulating pump 0.5kW magnetic drive centrifugal pump.  Working pressure 1.2 Bar (Water at 45 degrees Celcius)
Conveyor drive Worm and wheel
Conveyor drive motor Variable speed d.c. shunt wound motor
Speed range 0-2 metres/minute
Speed direction Optional
Heater 1 x 2kW Titanium Sheathed
Temperature range Ambient to 50°C ± 1°C
Controller Digital (standard)
Cooling Coil Factory built optional extra
Sump capacity 44 litres max
34 litres min
Liquid low level and shut down Warning lamp
Construction materials P.V.C.,Titanium, Hyperlon, PE1000, Vinylester, H.M.P., P.V.D.F.
Lids Glass inner and outer with P.V.C. seals
Covers P.V.C.
Safety switches Reed magnetic on outer lid
Voltage 220/240v 50Hz (13A plug)
Dimensions Height 645mm (26in)
Width 790mm (31in)
Length 1040mm (41in)
Mounting Frame Polypropylene box section (Optional extra)