Fortex Awarded Contract to supply Techtra T3000 UV Exposure Unit

Technology Transfer Agency TECHTRA is established as a  consulting, managing and production company working with the high technology industry and research centers throughout Europe.

Techtra have an ongoing collaboration with European Institute for Nuclear Research (CERN) carry out research work.  As part of this work Techtra required a large industrial commercial grade double sided UV Exposure unit with a vacuum.

Most of the activities at CERN currently involve operating the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the experiments for it. The LHC represents a large-scale, worldwide scientific cooperation project.

The LHC tunnel is located 100 metres underground, in the region between the Geneva International Airport and the nearby Jura mountains. It uses a 27 km circumference circular tunnel The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, the largest, most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world



Abbotts Diabetes Care Ltd Purchase Fortex Customised Developing Machine


Fortex were pleased too supply Abbotts with a customised spray developing machine to aid in the production of probes.  The probes are used in meters for monitoring people with Diabetes Blood Glucose Levels.

The customised conveyorised developing machine features a bespoke length developing chamber with temperature and pressure monitoring systems that automatically shut the developing machine down if certain operating parameters are out of tolerance.  The CP300DS double sided spraying machine also featured re circulating rinse, mains water rinse and blow dry facilities.  The same machine can also as a conveyorised spray Etcher.



New York Based Monogram Online Chooses Fortex for the Supply of a Silver Metal Etching Line


New York based Monogram online is one of Americas leading suppliers of bespoke unique personalised Jewellery items.  Monogram Online were subcontracting a lot of Photo Chemical Etching work to a local supplier which was proving increasingly inflexible and time consuming.

In order to meet customer demand Monogram online approached Fortex for advice on setting up an in house Photochemical Metal Etching production line for producing their bespoke personalised Silver Jewellery.  Fortex were awarded the contract for the manufacture, supply and commissioning of a complete Silver Etching Line including Photoplotter, UV Exposure Unit, Dry Film Roll Laminator and Converyorised Spray Etching Machine amongst other equipment.



Hi Rel Lids design components and specialist materials to the Micro and Opto Electronics Market Choose Fortex Laminators

Hi Rel Lids who are part of the Global Hi Rel Group of Companies which includes Hi Rel Alloys (Canada) and Hi Rel Products (USA)  use a range of Dry Film Roll Laminators as part of their manufacturing process for the production of components and specialist materials for the Mirco and Opto Electronics Markets.  Due to increased demand Hi Rel Required additional throughput in their manufacturing facility and required an additional Dry Film Roll Laminator.  After an onsite demonstration of the Fortex Dry Film Roll Laminator Model 305 Hi Rel were impressed with the performance and features of the Machine as well as the UK based back up of, off the Shelf Spares for the machine.


Fortex Celebrates the Award of Contracts to Equip Two Leading Indonesian Universities


Fortex is pleased to have worked in conjunction with their Indonesian Agent in successfully tendering for the award of two contracts to supply two leading universities with Photoplotter Equipment for the Production of Photo tools and Dry Film Hot Roll Laminators for applying Dry Film to various Laminate substrates.  Indonesia which has a population of over 240 million people currently has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and has the 4th largest population in the world with current growth of 6.5% per year.  Indonesia is currently investing heavily in its Educational Institutions with a particular emphasis towards the teaching of Electronics Engineering and manufacturing.

Fortex was successfully awarded these contracts due to their in depth technical presentations at the tendering stages, and their offer of on site installation, commissioning and training in these two technologies.


BAE British Aerospace turns to Fortex for a solution to apply Photoresist to larger silicon wafers

Fortex was pleased to be approached by the Military Air and Information unit (MAI) of BAE British Aerospace for a solution to apply Photoresist to its larger wafers.

Tanya Ferris Research Engineer  at the BAE Advanced technology centre commented “BAE systems has used spin coating as its primary method of applying Photo resist to its wafers for manufacture of a range of MEMS Sensors, actuators and display devices. However the large topography on some device structures means that spin coat resist is not always the best solution. BAE Systems has selected the Fortex Model 305 Dry Film Roll Laminating machine as an alternative method of applying the resist to silicon wafers as the technique is very effective at tenting over holes and areas of high topography on the wafer. BAE Systems has established process conditions where silicon wafers can be processed through the laminator originally designed for PCB substrates.”





Edicam Technologies SDN Purchases another Fortex Conveyorised Spray Etching Machine for their new Demonstration Facilities

Edicam Technologies based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has purchased a Fortex Conveyorised Spray Etching Machine for their Demonstration Room that is situated at their sales office.  Edicam have been purchasing the Fortex Etching machines for over 12 years, due to continued growth have chosen to upgrade their demonstration facilities.  Managing Director Mr DARULAZIM BIN SHAHARI commented  “We find the machines very reliable and etch superbly compared to similar machines sold by our competitors. The machines are very reliable, and easy to repair and this has help us to win most of the tenders for this type of machines in our area. . We now have our own demonstration unit which we use to show customers how well the machines work and the quality of the etching they can achieve. Fortex has been providing us with the required spare parts, and technical advice, and this has also helped us to sell the machines in our area. Fortex has many years of experience in the field of etching and has helped us many times to solve etching problems, that our customers have had in the past.”



Rotary Technology Selects Fortex for the Supply of a complete Line of Chemical Etching Equipment

Rotary Technolgies International of Guanghzou, China awarded Fortex with the contract to supply a complete line of Chemical Etching Equipment for their factory specialising in the high tech manufacturing of flexible rotary plates for the printing industry.  The contract which has a value in excess of 450,000USD involves the supply of Chemical Conveyorised Etching Machines, Dosing Machines, Stripping Machines and Large scale Exposure units, as well as the design and supply of a bespoke waste water filtration and treatment facilities.  Complete Installation, commissioning and training services were also given by Fortex in the Chinese Factory.

Managing director Mr Bill Shen of Rotary Technologies International commented “Fortex UK has successfully completed installation of has successfully completed installation of chemical etching facilities in our Guangzhou factory.   In addition to the value of USD450,000+ worth of equipment, we appreciate their in-house professional training during installation, and also prompt after sales service”

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