DCR Dust Cleaning Rollers & Pads

Cleaning rollers and cleaning pads range are manufactured to give the optimum contact cleaning on all flat surfaces removing dust & dirt.

Vertical Metal Etching Machine

Vertical Rotary Machines for producing Prototypes and small series production of PCB Signs etc

SMT Prototyping

A range of Surface Mounted Technology including pick & place systems, stencil printers, presensitised brass plates and cleaning tools.

Fortex Engineering Ltd

Fortex Limited was founded in 1972 and continues to have an enviable reputation as a leading European designer, manufacturer and supplier of Production equipment principally for the production of Prototype or low volume quantities of Printed Circuit Boards and Photo Chemically Milled Etched Metal Parts.

Over the years Fortex has applied their Expertise in precision engineering to allow the development of a range of production equipment to meet the needs of customers that are typically Industrial Users including Electronics Manufacturers, Photo Fabrication and Photo Chemical Etching, Educational Establishments teaching Electronics , Sign Makers, Professional Model Kit Manufacturers and Engravers.

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