SMT PCB Manual Solder Paste Stencil Printer Series S1-02


A precise SMT PCB solder paste printer, suitable for printing paste for components down to 0201, BGA down to 0.65 mm step, QFN 0.4 mm pitch.

Some of the features include:

-Stencils do not need mounting holes.
-Fixing a stencil is fast, easy and requires no heating of the stencil.
-Positioning of PCBs is simple but effective.
-You may use the stencil printer for single as well as double sided PCBs, even if there are already components on one side!

-This unit works with frameless stencils. The stencil loading and unloading is done in matter of minutes.

Adjustable X,Y displacement and rotation.

This compact desk SMT PCB Solder Paste manual Stencil top printer is very convenient and can be used either with polymer or metal stencils.

The mechanical quick release frame for frameless stencils will help you save on costs for framing.

Suitable for single sided as well as double sided pcb’s.

Easy to clean during printing process.

Professional squeegee and tools included.

Dimensions 520 x 280 x 95mm
Max Stencil Size 230 x 340mm
Max PCB Size 220 x 320mm