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Programmable Reflow Oven Model RF320

Programmable Reflow Oven Model RF320


The RF320 is a high quality Programmable Reflow oven suitable for Lead free SMT circuits, with a heating area maximum of 320 x 220mm and a maximum height of 35mm



  • Infrared + Air circulation + Air cooling, Pb-free Reflow Oven
  • Surface mounting of units on circuit boards require the exposure of the device package to high temperature to melt the lead finish for board soldering. A lot of the alternative “lead-free” solder materials being considered for use in IC assembly today require a peak soldering temperature of about 250 to 260 deg C, versus the peak temperature of 230 to 235 deg C for Sn-Pb solder. This means that lead-free IC’s will need a higher temperature for board mounting, and will therefore be subjected to more severe thermo-mechanical stresses during the process.
  • This Oven features a complete system for today’s solder/ Pb-Free solder(260C) requirement. The computer control system allows for a free programable temperature curve. High power heating element with force air heating method provide a very even soldiering hot zone across the total soldiering area, This cost effective unit offers a high production count ( 4~5 mins per cycle of 300mm x 220mm board) which ideal for low to medium size of SMD production. The static soldering process offers very stable non moving especially important for fine pitch SMD soldering.
  • Features:
  • Infrared Array + Force Air ( high volume, low pressure ) Heating Method.
  • Free programmable control for temperature curve setting.
  • Internal cooling fan for fast Cool down performance.
  • Fully Automatic, fully static ( non moving rail) operation, single or double side board soldering.
  • Large transparent glass window see through the soldering process with high temperature
  • Internal complete high gloss stainless steel construction, high IR efficiency and easy to clean, maintenance.
  • Ball bearing Rail draw system for stable solider board exchange with minimum vibration.
  • Optional PCB tray for quick exchange between the board process.
  • Top Open design for quick access to heating element and service.
  • Dual channel air circulation. For fast cool down process.
  • USB interface
  • Specifications:
  • Maximum heating area: 320mm x 220mm
  • Interchangeable tray for continuous process.
  • Maximum Temperature: 300C
  • Operation environment: 0-40C
  • Maximum Power consumption: 3.5kW, 1kW Typ.
  • Weight: 30kg gross, 40 kg ship
  • Dimension: 555mm x 480mm x 300mm
  • Input Voltage: 230V single phase