PM1000 Spray Etching Conveyorised Machine

High End Industry proven Conveyorised Spray Etching Module 1000 mm long chamber Double Sided 650 mm wide available with a range of customisable options.

  • Modular construction
  • Variable spray pressure
  • Full safety features
  • Digital temperature control
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Double filtration of chemistry
  • Oscillation and cooling
  • Low voltage control circuit
  • Processing materials from 6mm
    down to 0.1mm width 610mm

    Etching Machine General Specification
    PM 1000
    Description Chemical spray Etching Machine
    Model 1 metre process chamber
    Spray bars 12 Top + 12 Bottom
    Nozzle type Poly V-jet (self-cleaning optional)
    Nozzles per tube 4
    Pressure indication Visual display from facia for both manifolds
    Pressure control Adjustability over full operating range for both manifolds
    Re-circulating pump 2.2kW magnetic drive centrifugal pump 20/30 psi dependant upon application
    Conveyor drive Worm and wheel
    Conveyor drive motor Worm and wheel (split shaft standard)
    Speed range 0-2 metres/minute
    Speed direction Optional
    Heater 3 x 2kW Titanium
    Temperature range Ambient to 50°C ± 1°C
    Controller Digital (standard) over temperature cut out, platinum resistance probe
    Cooling Solenoid valve operated via temperature controller
    Sump capacity 200 litres (44 gal) max
    170 litres (37 gal) min
    Liquid low level and shut down Warning lamp
    Construction materials P.V.C.,Titanium, Hyperlon, PE1000, Vinylester, H.M.P., P.V.D.F.
    Lids Glass inner and outer with P.V.C. seals
    Covers P.V.C.
    Safety switches Reed magnetic on outer lid
    Dimensions Height 1170mm (46in)
    Width 1220mm (48in)
    Length 1320mm (52in)