Photoresist Presensitised PCB Board Microtrak ‘FR4’ Positive – Double-Sided


Photoresist Double-sided copper-clad fibreglass PCB laminate photo etch board coated with a high resolution photo-resist.

Microtrak laminates consist of FR4 epoxy-glass laminate sheets, dip-coated with a positive working photo-resist. The photo-resist contains a dye that provides a good contrast against the copper and allows boards to be easily inspected at the developing stage. Boards are protected by a specially designed light-proof blue film which allows them to be guillotined without the risk of fracturing the photo-resist.

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Photoresist PCB MICROTRAK is a very high quality pre-sensitised Photo resist coated Pre-sensitised ‘FR4’ PCB laminate, ideal for producing small numbers of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) for use by Design Engineers or for work in the classroom or laboratory. The ‘FR4’ PCB laminates key benefits are that it enables the manufacturing process to be fast and consistent for double sided boards using a positive artwork.

All materials used in the manufacture of pre-sensitised coated MICROTRAK are high quality. This, together with our technical expertise and stringent manufacturing controls, ensures the high standard of every product which is delivered to our customer.

MICROTRACK is dip coated with a positive working high resolution pre-sensitised photo resist which is inherently capable of reducing defects caused by dust and dirt on the photo tool and UV exposure unit . The unexposed photo resist remains hard after exposure to form the image or circuit pattern and remains unaffected by the developing process.

The unexposed Photo resist is contains a dye which gives a good contrast against the copper, this change can be seen in daylight.   This enables boards to be easily inspected at the developing Phase.

The ‘FR4’ Pre-sensitised Photo resist Microtrack board’s final coat is a low tack blue film which affords light protection and thus allows the board prior to removal of this film to be handled in daylight.   The Film also provides mechanical protection allowing the boards to be easily cut / guillotined using the Fortex range of PCB shears / Guillotines without risk of fracture damage to the Photoresist.

This high quality, pre-sensitised Photo resist Bungard ‘FR4’ PCB laminate is ideal for producing small number of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) suitable for design, classroom or laboratory use. Key benefits of this system is that the manufacturing process is fast and consistent for double-sided boards. 

A range of PCB processing chemicals for the above Pre-sensitised ‘FR4’ MICROTRAK can be purchased to process the material simply allowing a professional Printed circuit board to be produced.

Standard Thickness 1.6mm (Others available by request)
Laminate Material FR4 Expoxy Glass Laminate
Copper foil 35 μm or 70 μm
Dissipation factor 35
Dielectric constant 5.4
Solderbath resistance (260°C) 20 secs
Pre Sensitised Photo Resist thickness 5 microns
Spectral response 350-450nm
UV light energy required approx. 50mJ/cm Typical Exposure Time 2.5 to 3.5 minutes
Shelf life 1 year at 15-20°C
Developer MICROTRAK-DEV (vailable in liquid or powder form)
Etchant Ferric Chloride and Fine Etch Crystals
Dimensions N/A

233 x 220 x 1.6mm, 203 x 114 x 1.6mm, 510 x 1150 x 1.6mm, 233.4 x 160 x 1.6mm, 100 x 220 x 1.6mm, 100 x 160 x 1.6mm, 305 x 457 x 1.6mm, 254 x 305 x 1.6mm, 203 x 305 x 1.6mm, 254 x 203 x 1.6mm, 510 x 1150 x 0.8mm, 510 x 1150 (2oz 70mcr) x 1.6mm, 1L Developer, 1L Stripper, 12g Developer, 500g Developer