None-Shrinkable Roller Damper Covers

Shrinkable damper covers are manufactured on the very latest high speed knitting machine for high quality and accurate sizes.

Fortex supply a wide range of none shrinkable  seamless roller damper coverings.  Cotton and Synthetic, shrinkable and none shrinkable fabrics can be supplied.  These damper covers are suitable for use on a wide range of printed presses and associated operations.   These damper covers permit a controlled and even damping with  minimum linting.


An extensive range of cotton and synthetic dampers covers in a variety of finishes can be supplied.  Loop pile, cut pile and plain stockinette, normal elasticated or shrink fit.


For none shrinkable roller damper covers the following types can be supplied:-


Cotton Product

  • Cotton Damper Covers
    • Knit from fine quality bleached cotton yarn and evenly sheared surface for efficient absorption and retention. These seamless, sheared damper covers are non-shrinkable.
  • Cotton & Synthetic Covers
    • Knit from premium quality cotton and viscose yarn and evenly sheared surface to give velvet feel. These seamless, sheared damper covers are non-shrinkable.
  • Sleeve / Ductor Covers
    • Knit from premium quality 100% bleached cotton yarn lint free cover for form and ductor roller on web and sheet fed presses.

Synthetic Damper Cover 

  • Knit from superior quality viscose yarn for maximum absorbency and durability. Sheared velvet like pile surface and seamless damper cover provide pattern free printing. These are non-shrinkable damper covers.All non-shrinkable damper covers are available in 25-30 meter rolls.  Care must be taken in selecting the correct size for your application.

The following sizes are available




Roller Diameter Circumference
22 mm 70 mm
25 mm 80 mm
28 mm 90 mm
32 mm 100 mm
35 mm 110 mm
38 mm 120 mm
41 mm 130 mm
44 mm 140 mm
48 mm 150 mm
51 mm 160 mm
54 mm 170 mm
57 mm 180 mm
60 mm 190 mm
64 mm 200 mm
67 mm 210 mm
70 mm 220 mm
73 mm 230 mm
76 mm 240 mm
79 mm 250 mm
83 mm 260 mm
86 mm 270 mm
89 mm 280 mm
92 mm 290 mm
95 mm 300 mm
98 mm 310 mm
102 mm 320 mm