Liquid Photoimageable Ink UV Cureable Ident Legend & Solder Mask


A two component LPSIM Photo defineable UV cureable coating capable of being used for Solder masks and Legend Ident Marking on rigid printed circuit boards.   A wide range of colours are available.  Very straight forward to use and process negative working.

A simple Roller Applicator and Tray are also available for applying the ink to your substrate suitable for small quantities if no screen printing apparatus is available.

Available Options:

A two part Liquid Photo imageable UV cure able coating capable of being used for Solder masks and Legend Ident Marking on circuit boards applied over the copper traces of rigid printed ciruit boards.   A wide range of colours are available.

This LPSM Liquid photo imageable solder mask for rigid circuit panels has the following features:-

  • Excellent cosmetic appearance, with a range of colors and surface finishes
  • Wide process latitude enabling fine image reproduction with clean PTH/via development
  • Resolution capability below 2 mils for ultra fine pitch solder dams
  • Superior resistance to all plated surface finishing processes including ENIG, immersion tin and immersion silver
  • UL File #E83246, rated 94 V-0 with soldering limits of 20 seconds @ 288°C
  • Meets or exceeds IPC SM 840C, Bellcore TR-NWT-000078, and MIL P55110D specifications
  • Colors – Green, Blue, White, Red, Black, Yellow

This UV cureable Soldermask is supplied in 500g packs in a ratio of 405g Ink 95g Catalyst.

Very Briefly the process is:-

  1.  Mix the two individual components to the quantity required.
  2. Chemically or mechanically clean panel prior to soldermask/legend ident notation application.
  3. Apply Solder mask/Legend using screen printing apparatus/roller/curtain coating/Silkscreened etc.
  4. For single sided processing tack dry 75-85 degrees Celcius for 20-30 minutes
  5. Using a suitable artwork film (Soldermask use a Negative Artwork) (Ident use a Positive Artwork) expose the panel on a UV exposure unit.
  6. Develop in aqueous developer solution in a tray or tank.
  7. Bake panels at 135-150 degrees Celcius for approximately 45-60 minutes.

These packs have a shelf life of over 1 year.  When using mixing the two components only use as much as required from the pack.  The mix will last for 72 hours when stored appropriately in a sealed container.


Green, Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Roller Applicator, Developer