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PCB Brush Cleaning Machine 400mm Model RBM402

PCB Brush Cleaning Machine 400mm Model RBM402


The RBM402 series of double sided professional brushing machines are the most advanced available in the range.

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The RBM402 series of double sided professional PCB brushing machines is the most advanced available in the range.  The machine is capable of brushing, rinsing and drying, designed for use in professional small series production and laboratories.  This unit is capable of virtually all cleaning operations that are required in the processes of PCB production.  Example processes are surface preperation prior to Photo Dry Film Laminating or Plated through hole PTH, Deburring after drilling.

The standard version of this machine has a closed loop rinsing system with an integrated water rinse tank, filter and pump unit.  This saves the operator from having to supply a fresh water supply and having to comply with local water regulations.  There is a version of the machine available on request that can be connected to an external water supply, this machine features an integral automatic filter system with waste water level control.

The RBM402 series has the following features:-

-Wet processing

-Double sided brushing action

-Quick change chuck to facilitate easy brush changeover

-Aluminium, PVC, Stainless Steel construction

-Transport top lid with security switch

-Working width 400 mm

-Board thickness 0.3 – 5 mm

-Conveyor speed 0.2 – 2 m/min

-Adjustable brushing pressure and oscillation speed

-Adjustable transport speed

-Oscillation length 10 mm

-Robust construction guaranteeing longlife

-Mechanical drying by squeezing rollers

-Additional built-in hot air dryer


Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1110 x 750 x 1160mm

Brushing Width  400mm

Material Thickness   Approx 0.3 – 5mm

Brush Speed   1360 rpm

Oscillation Stroke  10mm

Oscillation Frequency  10-110F/min

Feed Rate     0.2 -2m/min

Water Consumption    Approx 26 litres/min

Minimum Plate Size 60 x 120 mm

Power Supply 230v 50Hz

Weigh 220Kg

Water Supply Connection 19mm Diameter