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UV Double Sided Exposure Units With Vacuum

UV Double Sided Exposure Units With Vacuum


A double-sided UV Vacuum exposure unit is an essential tool for the production of double-sided PCBs.  The vacuum makes these UV exposure units suitable for processing UV sensitive flexible substrate materials.

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Double-sided exposure UV unit which is an essential tool for the production of double-sided PCBs. The ability to expose both sides of the Printed Circuit board at once eliminates the immense problem of artwork registration for two separate exposures on a single sided unit. These UV units are similar to the single sided range of UV units that instead of a solid metal base, the lid closes onto a clear Perspex base, beneath which is located, another set of UV tubes. Also, in place of the optical filter above each tube the AZ Ultra Violet Eposure units have a fibre optic connected to a display on the front of the units. This display panel gives a visual confirmation that each tube is working correctly during the period of exposure. Like the single sided units these models have a 0 -999 digital timer and the cases are manufactured from aluminium but also due to its larger size the case unit ( AZ326 ) is made of steel. Both UV units are supplied complete with an IEC socket and moulded 13-amp plug.

The UVA tubes used in these unit have an emission peak of 360-365nm.


Model AZ 210
UV Output 8 x 15W (4-5mWcm2)
Working Area 10.2″ x 14″
(260 x 355mm)
Dimensions 550 x 485 x 170mm
Model AZ 220
UV Output 12 x 20W (3.5-4.5mWcm2)
Working Area 13.8″ x 21″
(350 x 535mm)
Dimensions 720 x 580 x 170mm
Model AZ 326
UV Output 24 x 20W
Working Area 20.4″ x 36.5″
(520 x 927mm)
Dimensions 890 x 1031 x 215mm


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Working Area

260 x 355mm, 350 x 535mm, 520 x 927mm