Automatic Optical Inspection Unit Model AOI-SS1

System for semi-automatic recognition for small PCB series.
Requires constant and stable light environment.

AOI-SS1  is an automated optical inspection concept originally developed to respond to the quality control shortcomings of circuit board production lines. A wide selection of available features and the modular concept of AOI-S1 allow forming a custom tailored solution to augment the factory quality control.


The AOI fully integrated system is able to identify and solve common problems such as:
  • Component presence
  • Component position and alignment
  • Solder quality, various defects such as stains, open/short circuits, thinning of solder etc.
  • Barcode/datamatrix and text reading
  • Factory automation and site network communication

AOI-S1  can be customized to include any number of available features and implemented at the site both online and offline. The heart of the system, machine vision software Modular-X, enables rapid and flexible application development and the basic features range from presence/absence inspection, quality assessment, code/text reading to various measurement functions.