PCB Roller Tinning Machine Model 500

The PCB roller tinning machine is designed for the roller tinning of both single and double sided conventional printed circuit boards.

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PCB roller tinning machine is designed for the tinning of conventional PCB’s using both lead based solder (In permitted applications) and lead free solder.  Tinning is accomplished by passing Printed circuit boards between a larger steel roller which rotates through a molten bath of solder and an upper silicon coated steel roller.

The PCB Roller Tinner machine is designed for bench mounting.   Great attention has being taken to ensure that all components are protected from the corrosive flux and minimal heat transfer from the hot tin solder to other parts of the PCB Roller Tinner machine: there being no direct heat path.

The PCB Roller Tinning solder tin tank is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, suspended from a linkage mechanism, which allows the solder bath to be lowered from the solder tinning  roller for ease of maintenance and heater replacement. The solder tank has externally mounted heaters; these give fast heat-up, with excellent temperature control.

A thermocouple probe in a sheath is mounted at the centre of the solder tin bath for accurate temperature measurement and control. The solder tank has two side scrapers, which contact the sides of the solder roller to ensure that the salts are contained at the trailing side of the roller.

The Roller Tinner’s sealed electronic control module contains many unique systems not normally found on other roller tinning machines such as digital display of temperature, thumb wheel temperature set, electric motor interlock with temperature so that the motor cannot be switched on whilst the solder is solid.

The machine has Fast heat up of the PCB tinning solder to the pre-selected temperature, and then a heater alternating circuit  allows for accurate temperature control to achieve high quality consistent results. The control module compartment, which contains the Electric drive motor and the electronics, is fan cooled so no overheating can occur.

Both the bottom and top rollers of the Roller Tinning Machine  rotate in maintenance free bearings, they are driven from a variable speed motor by a chain driven steel sprocket drive to eliminate heat transfer. The bottom roller is constructed of steel , pre-tinned, and the top pressure roller constructed from steel with a silicon rubber coating to equalise the pressure over the total circuit board area for good even tinning.

An optional fume extraction spigot can be purchased for ease of connection to an active extraction system.

The PCB Roller Tinning machine top pressure roller is adjustable to allow for processing of different thicknesses of boards including flexible laminates.  The top roller can be raised and lowered by a single lever eccentric mechanism, with two separate fine screw adjusters which enables the roller to be returned to the pre-set position without the need for resetting. The top roller is also spring loaded to allow a thicker board than intended to feed through the two rollers without damage.

The Roller Tinning machine is fitted with all stainless steel covers which provide complete safely for the operator, but allow quick and easy access to the tank for replenishing cover salts and solder.  Please see our range of Roller Tinning accessories as well as a starter kit



Roller Tinner Specification
Model 500
Maximum board width 480mm
Maximum board thickness 12mm
Solder Sump Capacity 18Kg
Electrical Supply 220 – 240 Volts 50/60Hz
Power Requirements 13 amps
Rating of Heaters 3 heaters at 2kw each
Heat up Time 45 minutes from ambient
to 240 degrees celcus
Throughput Speed 0 – 10 metres/min
Dimensions 1020mm x 330mm x 490mm high
Shipping Dimensions 1170mm x 420mm x 550mm high
Shipping Weight Weight 73Kg
(without solder)