For fear of loneliness or a sense of duty, many people continue to use ED meds in a relationship, even if they make them deeply unhappy. Another reason to visit an online pharmacy is the availability instructions for medicines on many sites, which allows us to learn the contraindications or calculate the number of packages you need for the prescription. However, prices for ED drugs at online pharmacy can vary significantly.

1. He closes himself to you

Your previous conversations with a heart-to-heart reduced to discussing only driving issues? He feels uncomfortable trying to buy top quality otc pills at trustworthy internet shop to you. And the desire to do it he becomes less and less every time.

2. He projects his discontent on the surrounding people

The general state of the unlucky man makes him see the whole world only in dark colors: he began to have problems at work, he breaks down on friends and family and all the time walks darker clouds. Subconsciously, he realizes that something is wrong and searches generics on pharmacy website, but can not express his feelings in words.

3. Passive aggression

If a man, by his own nature, begins to show signs of passive aggression (especially directed at you), most likely your relationship makes him unhappy. Behind the caustic swearing, sarcasm and unfounded criticism hide something more: he tries to help sexual life and make you as hurt as much as he does, but is afraid of some more drastic measures.

4. He tries to distract from your relationship

Unhappy in a relationship man will certainly seek compensation for unexpressed feelings in other places: in long walks with friends, in new hobbies, and perhaps in the arms of another woman. In other words, in uncharacteristic occupations, he seeks affordable over-the-counter drugs of what stuns him and makes him unhappy.

5. He is looking for a reason to quarrel

Every little thing in your relationship, every minor skirmish is exaggerated and brought to a tragedy of a universal scale. He is not happy, you are less and less likely to see a smile on his face. It seems as if he is looking for an excuse to slam the door and leave or make the situation so tense that you will be forced to abandon him.

6. He changes his mood

When you’re left alone, his friends and family may not notice him, because he’s still the same funny guy for them. But as soon as the door closes for the last guest, it again becomes blacker than the clouds, and you clearly feel that your company is weighing it.

7. He agrees to major changes

Especially those that would have caused him rejection, such as moving to another city, a long trip or traveling alone. He craves changes and new sensations that could compensate for the vitality he expends on pretending that everything is still good in your relationship.