Edicam Etching Machine

Edicam Technologies SDN Purchases another Fortex Conveyorised Spray Etching Machine for their new Demonstration Facilities

Edicam Technologies based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has purchased a Fortex Conveyorised Spray Etching Machine for their Demonstration Room that is situated at their sales office.  Edicam have been purchasing the Fortex Etching machines for over 12 years, due to continued growth have chosen to upgrade their demonstration facilities.  Managing Director Mr DARULAZIM BIN SHAHARI commented  “We find the machines very reliable and etch superbly compared to similar machines sold by our competitors. The machines are very reliable, and easy to repair and this has help us to win most of the tenders for this type of machines in our area. . We now have our own demonstration unit which we use to show customers how well the machines work and the quality of the etching they can achieve. Fortex has been providing us with the required spare parts, and technical advice, and this has also helped us to sell the machines in our area. Fortex has many years of experience in the field of etching and has helped us many times to solve etching problems, that our customers have had in the past.”